Royal Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Royal Olive Oil) is a variety of olive tree native and exclusive to the Sierra de Cazorla (Jaén), especially to the municipalities of Cazorla and Quesada.
Royal Extra Virgin Olive Oil is one of the most exclusive oils in the world due to its diverse qualities and beneficial properties, but at the same time it is less well known due to its limited geographical production, as it is a species that is not widely cultivated compared to other varieties.

The plantations dedicated to the cultivation of this variety are scarce. It is a variety which has grown considerably in recent years and is also becoming increasingly valuable for its exclusivity, its properties and its attributes.
The altitude, the climate, the soil, the age of the olive tree, the date of harvesting and the milling process are some of the determining parameters when it comes to extracting an authentic Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

According to numerous studies, sierra olive trees offer healthier, more stable olive oils with greater resistance to oxidation than those in the countryside.
Our olive groves are located in the Sierra de Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas, the largest protected nature reserve in Spain and the second largest in Europe.

This offers an impressive biodiversity, as well as being a great source of health due to the quality and purity of its springs and rivers of mineral-medicinal waters, which is a very high added value for our olive groves that coexist with coniferous forests, among this impressive mountain flora that enriches and nourishes the taste and aromatic profile of our oils; making them notoriously different from other Premium-Gourmet Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

Characteristics of our
Royal olive oil

Royal oil is a heart-healthy fatty substance with a high proportion of fatty acids with high amounts of monounsaturated fatty acids, polyphenols and vitamin E, among others.
It has a soft yellow colour and is dominated by fruity and fresh aromas of tomato, green olive, fig and apple.
In the mouth, Royal oil is very delicate and elegant. It has a soft and fragrant aroma and a flavour that evokes healthy and fresh fruit, which remains intact when bottled.

The concentration of polyphenols in the Royal variety is higher than in other varieties, being the highest of all Spanish varieties. It also has a high concentration of oleic acid, which is beneficial for controlling and even reducing cholesterol.

The later Royal oils are characterised by a more pronounced fruitiness, with hints of vanilla, ripe fruit, dried figs… It evolves from the green aromas typical of early harvesting to the sweet aromas of mid-harvest, with an imperceptible bitterness and spiciness.

Royal oil is more expensive than other more common varieties. This is due to a combination of characteristics of the anatomy of the olive tree, the productivity, the difficulty of harvesting, and also the increasing demand. It is produced in small quantities in relation to the oils of other varieties.

Its organoleptic properties and characteristics (colour, taste, smell and texture) are quite different and special from the rest of the varieties, hence its rarity and exclusivity.

Why choose our
Royal olive oil?

Royal is a very popular variety in the restaurant industry and is used to pair with a wide variety of dishes that combine well with fruity and spicy oils in general.
When we bring it to the nose, its fruity and green olive aroma is surprising, and other aromas such as fig, green pepper, tomato and tomato plant can be appreciated. There is also a touch of green almond with hints of apple, pear and green banana.

In the taste phase, our Royal Extra Virgin Olive Oils enters the mouth sweet and then shows a light bitterness and a mild spiciness, leaving hints of green almond, fig and tomato, in its retronasal phase it is complex and with aniseed nuances.
It is very appropriate for recipes of mild sauces that require a light sweetness and in salad dressings, vegetables, pasta and rice. It is also an excellent choice for dairy desserts or to accompany fish and seafood.
Our olive oils are characterised and differentiated by their high content of polyphenols and vitamins that protect us from ageing and improve our health.