Why choose our Olive Oils?

The olives with which we make our Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the Royal and Picual varieties are of the highest quality, from olive trees located in the heart of the Sierra de Cazorla, the most important nature reserve in Spain and the second most important in Europe.

This is why our olive oils has so much added value. 

We offer you much more than Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the highest quality.
The exclusivity of Olivo de San Juan is the high content of polyphenols in its Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and its organoleptic characteristics.
This is due, among other factors, to the land where our olive trees grow, land that gives life to thousand-year-old yew trees and the longest-living forest in Spain.

The mountain range offers an impressive biodiversity, as well as being a great source of health due to the quality and purity of its springs and rivers of mineral-medicinal waters. This is a very high added value for our olive groves that coexist with coniferous forests, among this impressive mountain flora, which enriches and nourishes the taste and aromatic profile of our oils, making them stand out from other Premium-Gourmet oils.

The lack of water during the months when the oil has formed in the fruit, combined with timely irrigation, means that the olive tree is nourished by the soil, and produces more bitter and pungent oils.

The factors that most affect the composition and organoleptic characteristics of the oils are the soil, altitude, environment and climate, the variety and age of the olive tree, the time of harvesting, extraction and milling, and the cultivation techniques used (including irrigation).
"The bitter taste and the spiciness are indicators of the healthy agents of Extra virgin Olive Oil, extraordinary antioxidants of the product".
"NOTE: the colour or bitterness of the oil does not determine its quality, as it is possible to obtain a green and bitter oil by adding olive leaves to the milling process. This would give us a green and bitter oil, but not a quality oil.

We have modern, state-of-the-art facilities prepared to be able to carry out the milling of the fruit on the same day it is harvested, in less than twelve hours after being picked, and in this way, preserve all its properties.

We have the best raw material but, in order to produce the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil, in addition to good raw material, a good production process is necessary.

In this way we ensure that our oil retains all its strength and aromas, guaranteeing better preservation of the nuances of this wonderful, freshly harvested fruit, maintaining the properties of our oils as bioelements (polyphenols, tocopherols, etc.), which are the agents responsible for the healthy effects of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

We carry out the cold extraction less than 12 hours after being harvested from the tree and at less than 27 degrees Celsius.  In this way we manage to preserve the properties of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
These are some of the determining parameters when it comes to extracting an authentic Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil..

We are committed to health.
We want it to reach your table in the same condition as freshly ground.

Cooking and dressing any dish with our extra virgin olive oil, as well as being a source of health, is an experience for the palate and a real luxury for the senses.