Food quality assurance


Permanent monitoring from the olive grove to packaging


It has the best-kept ecosystem in Andalusia.


Below 27 degrees Celsius


National and international recognition


Olive trees grown under "integrated production" standards

Committed to the production of the best raw material and health, we have the most demanding quality control measures, and we are endorsed by the Regulatory Council of the Sierra de Cazorla Designation of Origin (D.O.).

Always involved in continuous improvement through research and innovation and nutrition education to help the public understand the benefits of our oils.

At Olivo de San Juan, the process of obtaining oils begins in the field among olive groves where biodiversity, flora and subsoil go hand in hand, creating an ideal space for the growth, development and ripening of the olive.

For us it is a priority to control the entire process, from the olive tree to the bottle. One of the most important tasks to take into account in order to achieve balanced and harmonious oils is watering and following the biodynamic calendar to take into account the days when it is convenient to prune, water or harvest the fruit.

Our technical team analyses the olives on the trees to check that the fruit is at its optimum ripeness. Once analysed, the olives are harvested, milled and bottled, a task we carry out with delicacy, affection and passion, resulting in a unique oil of the highest quality.

Our olives come directly from the olive tree to be milled the same day they are harvested.

We have state-of-the-art facilities, prepared to be able to carry out the milling of the fruit in less than twelve hours after harvesting.

Once the oil has been extracted, it is subjected to controls and analysis to verify its quality and properties. Afterwards, the oils undergo a tasting control by experts trained to differentiate the olfactory and gustatory attributes.
Once this procedure has been passed, our oils will have an excellent taste and smell, with no defects.

The classification and subsequent storage of the oil are also determining factors in the quality of the product.
Protecting the oil will facilitate the preservation and maintenance of its qualities, which is why, once the oil has been extracted, it is placed in stainless steel tanks that are inertised for perfect preservation, allowing us to preserve and maintain the oil and prevent it from oxidising.

In this way we ensure that our oils conserve all their strength and aromas, guaranteeing better conservation of the properties and nuances of this marvellous freshly harvested fruit, maintaining in our oils the properties such as bioelements (polyphenols, tocopherols, etc.), which are the agents responsible for the healthy effects.

We want it to arrive at your table in the same condition as freshly ground.